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What is TuiNa?

 Eastern massage techniques have been successfully used to counter disharmony and restore balance to the body for thousands of years. Chinese medical massage, or TuiNa, is one of several such therapies you will learn at the East-West Healing Arts Institute and serves as the cornerstone of our integrated massage therapy.

 Originally a Chinese folk medicine, TuiNa is one of the first documented massage techniques in the world, referenced in the seminal work of Chinese healing philosophy, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, more than 2500 years ago.Gun Fa (Rolling) is one of the many disctinctive TuiNa massage  techniques

 Throughout several millennia, TuiNa has co-evolved with other Asian techniques and Chinese medical philosophy itself. Many of its current techniques involve specific energy points and meridians, and the manipulations necessary to their efficacious treatment. In the sixth century B.C., a  Japanese technique called AnMo came to China by way of the Korean peninsula and was incorporated into TuiNa. Many texts in China and the United States still refer to TuiNa as AnMo.

 Today, specialized degrees in TuiNa are awarded to doctorate students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Such a degree can take ten years to complete. These TuiNa doctors work in TCM hospitals with others who specialize in acupuncture and herbs to provide a unique form of holistic health care.

 Although gaining popularity and esteem, TuiNa still remains largely undiscovered and unutilized in the West. Those who are familiar with its techniques and benefits will find themselves better able to provide massage therapy to a variety of clients for a variety of therapeutic reasons. Students of TuiNa and other Asian therapies are able to combine what they know about Western science and massage to synthesize a new understanding of massage therapy. The demand for TuiNa and other Asian therapies is continuing to increase rapidly in America.