East-West Healing Arts Institute
A National Leader in Fully Integrated East West Massage Therapy Education

Mission & Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Dr. Zhou Madison Massage School Director

Dr. Zhou Madison Massage School Director East-West Healing Arts Institute is built on the premise that body, mind, and spirit form an interconnected, inseparable system, and that true healing can only take place when all three are addressed. That's why our logo is made up of the Chinese characters for these three concepts: body, mind, and spirit. Therapeutic massage and bodywork has been used for thousands of years as a powerful tool for healing, and can have a profound effect on the whole being of both the client and the practitioner.

Mission Statement
Through the commitment and extraordinary experiences of highly qualified faculty and through techniques that have been proven effective over the millennia, this school is dedicated to training each student to integrate and utilize his or her entire being in helping others throughout their community.

The Asian Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage Diploma Program prepares students in the analysis and synthesis of knowledge and skills of Western and Eastern science and bodywork. Our interdisciplinary program includes thorough instruction in Eastern and Western modalities of therapeutic massage, as well as a rigorous course of study in Western science Eastern Theory.