Benefits of doing Ashiatsu massage

Ruthie Hardee has been given the credit of developing a version of Ashiatsu Massage. She has introduced the technique to the world in the year 1990. Traditional style of Asian massage has been utilized here to offer relaxation to the body and mind completely. It cannot be considered as a medical treatment, however.  Tension and pain in the muscles can be treated with the process.

So, what is this type of therapy? It is a barefoot technique . Deep strokes are applied with the assistance from the feet. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a western version of ancient bodywork which has been originated thousand years back in the Asian, Pacific Rim and African countries.

How it is done?

During a session clients are asked to relax on a table. By standing on it and holding a bar that is placed over, it can be delivered with the assistance of the feet. The bar overhead is offered in order to maintain the balance throughout the process. Gravitational force is utilized in an excellent way in due course. By using the body weight of the therapists, depth is added.. Similar amount of force cannot easily be obtained by any other method.

Benefits of this therapyshiatsu

Broad amount of compression can be experienced without any discomfort with this form of treatment. It may feel quite similar to it’s Swedish alternative. Flowing strokes are pressed over a broad area to relieve pain. The process of natural healing can be stimulated in the process. In the case of only using the hands, deeper tissue of the body cannot be satisfied. Physical ability of the practitioner acts as a limitation. They may not be big or tall enough to offer necessary comfort. Similar kind of issues may not be observed with this oriental method, as full body force is utilized at the time. Through the gravity force, control over the body can be retained at the same time. Maximum efficiency can be achieved in the process.

Energy Restoration

Due to busy lifestyle, stress and fatigue have become an everyday problem. This barefoot oriental method can be considered as a perfect remedy on the occasion. Practitioners are knowledgeable enough to recognize the tension increasing areas of the body. Knots are opened and energy released. Little pain is felt as the soles are quite soft. Feet are moved over the para-spinal area in a gentle manner along with disk space and lumbar region.

Obesity Control

Now-a-days, people sit all day in a chair and work in front of the computer, getting little exercise throughout the day. Eating well is another problem, today, which leads to obesity. More elasticity is added to the muscle through this method. It is possible to speed up the metabolism at the same time, as well, leading to  Improvement in digestion. All these things help in the process of weight loss.